Riso Scotti

About Riso Scotti

We stand for tradition, but we aim for innovation.
We bring forward one of the oldest food cultures in the world – rice - and strive to place it into a future of sustainable practices for a renewed agronomic food culture.

The Italian rice sector, with its typical features and biodiversity, is a world agri-food heritage.
On the one hand, we support our farmers and our Italian supply chain through a project that promote an eco-efficient agriculture.
On the other, we work hard to bring technological innovation into our plant, so as to mitigate our industrial impact on the environment.

We are building a project for the sustainability of the Italian rice supply chain, integrating and harmonising the commitment of all the players in the supply chain: from field to table. Our model is inspired by the genius of Leonardo da Vinci and his ability to combine nature, innovation and progress. His example is our driving force in a green key, which is completed by involving all the players in the chain, right up to the end consumer.

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